Love Scotch?

Then maybe becoming a Whisky Ambassador could be your dream job.

We are lucky enough to have old friends or associates work that work at distilleries or in the wider industry, so we are determined to promote the career opportunities.

After meeting or listening to many inspirational stories from the (very lucky) men and women who travel the world to share their whisky knowledge, we thought, we would delve deeper into what it takes to become a whisky ambassador.

Whisky Ambassador 

There are few jobs in the world that permit drink whisky at work, however the whisky does help develop a key attribute and skill - the ability to communicate with people across the world.

From the novice to the whisky connoisseur, you must have the confidence to share your love of the drink. So, if you tick yes to the following, you should continue to read this article.

  • Love meeting lots of people
  • Love visiting distilleries
  • Love attending whisky festivals
  • Love attending whisky tastings in the afternoon at bars and hotels
  • Love spending time with talented bartenders to take them through whiskies or cocktails

Nosing and Tasting

Gerry Tosh of Highland Park walks you through a simple formula for whisky nosing and tasting. This is designed for the novice and will hopefully help people experience whisky more fully.

Taking a neat sip to begin with, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds so that it really coats the mouth and leaves a mark on your palette. Upon swallowing, I like to take a breath of air and have a glass of water on the side to cleanse the palette.

Only then can you make your mind up whether you like it a little or a lot.

Our advice to all aspiring ambassadors, would be to get to know your products, get practicing and try a variety of styles and flavours with friends; a luxury blend, a single malt and perhaps a grain whisky to communicate with confidence.

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