whisky writers

Answer: A good story!

We are looking for 5-10 ‘founding bloggers’ to help us launch and sustain Whisky Buys. Whilst we can make things happen ourselves, our target is to trial activity with new partners. We want to help brands introduce and attract a younger, diverse and global audience to whisky. Do do so, we need to create an army of consumer and trade ambassadors.


A paradigm shift in perception and behaviour is needed. The only way this can be achieved is a collaborative and content driven approach to telling many more whisky stories.


Quite simply, by using the power of digital marketing and media that will;

  1. Reach and engage greater audiences around the world
  2. Drive discussion, conversation and sharing of experiences
  3. Build a community of people whose awareness and perception of whisky is improved
  4. Activate advocacy (recommendation, endorsement, trial, loyalty)

If you are interested and would like to discuss how you can benefit, please get in touch at 


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