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First released in 2014, this is the first bottling of Hazelburn at 10 years of age. Hazelburn is Springbank's triple-distilled, unpeated single malt.
Hazelburn 10 Year Old
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Hazelburn 12 year Old is triple distilled malt from Springbank, first released in August 2009, with a limited release of just 3,900 bottles.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Pungent and aromatic with notes of dried fruits, plenty of sherry integration with notes of citrus, toffee and nuts.
  • Palate: Spicy on the palate, nutty and cocoa rich, oak, coffee, gentle peat.
  • Finish: Coffee, spices, citrus, chocolate, long finish.


Hazelburn 12 year Old
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Hazelburn Directors Bottling.jpg

First bottling, with only 65 bottles made for directors, staff and shareholders.

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Hazelburn Directors Bottling
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