Tormore distillery is a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky distillery located south of the River Spey. The Tormore is one of the younger Scottish whiskies, as it was the first new distillery to be built in the country in the 20th century. The Tormore distillery has been controlled by Pernod-Ricard since 2005.

Tormore's malt whisky is currently sold in 10 and 12 year aged versions, but it is also the independent bottler for Signatory Vintage, Cadenhead's, Blackadder, Douglas Laing's Old Malt Cask and Provenance.

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Tormore is one of the most beautiful Speyside distilleries, with hedges in the shape of stills outside. We have chosen this single refill bourbon barrel from 1996 – and what a whisky. Big, rich and spicy, this is packed with notes of chocolate, Christmas spices and fresh orange.

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Tormore 1996
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