The Macallan is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Craigellachie, Speyside and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Edrington Group.

The distillery produces a number of expressions in its core Sherry Oak and Fine Oak ranges;

  • Macallan 10 year old
  • Macallan 10 year old cask strength
  • Macallan 12 year old
  • Macallan 18 year old
  • Macallan 25 year old
  • Macallan 30 year old
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Steven Klein's work is celebrated in the sixth edition of Macallan's Masters of Photography series. The whisky is a specially created blend of sweet, spicy and smoky flavours. The set includes a part of Klein's tableau in a leather box, with a horse's head stopper, glass, tumbler, dropper and other alchemic glassware.

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