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Isle of Harris

The Isle of Harris Distillery, in Tarbert opened its doors on Thursday September 24 2015, the culmination of a seven-year drive to establish the Hebridean island’s first commercial whisky distillery.

The 1,916

At the last census there were 1,916 people living on the Isle of Harris. One of the defining aims of the Harris Distillery is to help strengthen the local economy and grow the population in both number and opportunity.

The distillery is so special to us here at Whisky Buys, we have become one of the 1,916, to help play an important role in the future of the distillery.

In return they have offered a first release of the inaugural filling of 'The Hearach' whisky limited to just 1,916 bottles and due to be released in 2019.

The Social Distillery

The concept for the distillery grew out of a realisation that the island's assets could be better harnessed. Using the brand ‘The Social Distillery’ - the creation of the Isle of Harris Distillery is driven the beauty of the place and its people, with the future of island at its heart.

The creation of an enterprise that will thrive for decades, and even centuries will help promote the place, people and its qualities to a much wider audience.

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