Jobs in the Whisky Industry

Scotland's whisky industry is a worldwide success story employing thousands of people in distilleries, bottling halls or visitor centres across the country. Whether you’re in the market for temporary, contract or permanent placements, we want to help those looking to fill a range of positions, including;

  • Visitor Centre Guides
  • Whisky Brand Ambassador
  • Brand Manager
  • Production Line or Bottling Hall Operators
  • Site Operations
  • Coppersmith
  • Quality and Compliance Manager

Recruitment Agencies

We would like to develop a partnership with a specialist recruitment agency with knowledge and experience of the whisky industry. If you want to benefit from relevant communications that reach potential candidates, then we would love to discuss how our portal can help you have fill your clients vacancies.

Student or Trainee Journalists

We are always looking for ambitious and talented individuals to join Whisky Buys. If you are interested in working with us and would like to be kept informed of upcoming opportunities to develop your skills, experience and CV, please email us at



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