Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia distillery or sometimes affectionately known as The Scotia or Old Scotia is a a Campbeltown distillery. The new revamped Glen Scotia range has been simplified down to three core Single Malt expressions:

  • Glen Scotia Double Cask
  • Glen Scotia 15 Year Old
  • Glen Scotia Victoriana
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Higher in strength than the standard 10 Year Old, this heavily peated edition is part of the Legends of Scotia series and honours Campbeltown's The Picture House.

Glen Scotia 10 Year Old Heavily Peated
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A single malt from Campbeltown distillery Glen Scotia, this is from the 1992 vintage and has been bottled by G&M as part of the MacPhail's Collection after more than two decades of ageing. The distillery is known for its fresh, fruity and grassy whiskies.
Glen Scotia 1992 Bot.2014 MacPhail's Collection
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Glen Scotia Double Cask starts its life in first-fill bourbon barrels, before being finished in Pedro-Ximenez-sherry casks. Notes of spicy fruit and vanilla.

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Glen Scotia Double Cask
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Released as part of the brand's relaunch in 2015, Glen Scotia 15 Year Old is matured in bourbon barrels. This has notes of ginger, vanilla, sea spray and spice.

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Glen Scotia 15 Year Old
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Glen Scotia Victoriana is finished in charred-oak casks and bottled at 51.5%. This has notes of spice and vanilla with a smoky finish.

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Glen Scotia Victoriana
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