Do you actually sell whisky products?

No we don't. We are purely an online affiliate promoting other retailers goods on our website. When you click the "Buy Now" button, you will be redirected to their website and you will have to proceed through their buying process. You are also subject to their terms & conditions, privacy policy, age restrictions etc. So please make sure you read their legal information.


The prices displayed on Whisky Buys don't always match the named retailers prices - why is this?

We take the product prices we display from various affiliate feeds from certain retailers, and for others, we have to manually check the prices. Any difference in price may be due to a delay or error in the feed reaching us, or as a result of the retailer changing their prices after we reviewed their website. Sometimes, we may make errors, which we apologise in advance for. When there is a price difference (higher or lower) you must always use the retailer's price displayed on their own website. Neither Whisky Buys or the retailer is liable for any loss or has a legal requirement to offer the product at the price displayed on this site.


Why don't you show if a product is in stock or not at each retailer?

Similar as to how we monitor prices, we don't have the means to check every retailer's stock inventory for every whisky product in real time. When you visit a retailer's website, we advise you to determine if they have stock or not based on the information they present.


Whisky Buys does not appear to show any delivery charges - is this correct?

Yes it is. As each retailer will have their own courier (or click and collect service as an option), with variations for standard delivery, express next day, international shipping charges, and potentially, varying shipping costs depending on weight or number of bottles. We thought it best to leave it to each retailer to inform you of their delivery charges that may be applicable.


If I am a whisky retailer, how do I get my products onto your website?

The first thing to do is get in contact through our form or email info@whiskybuys.com . We can see if you have a feed that we can use, or if you are part of an affiliate network, or if manual product/price updates are required.


I am involved with whisky (tours, club etc) but don't sell bottles of whisky - can I feature on your website?

Yes, we would love to hear from you. Contact us and we can discuss your involvement with whisky and we can see how we can help each other. 


I notice banners on your website, how do I get my whisky store promoted?

We do offer an advert placement programme. Through this, you can supply banners to us at the correct size. Depending on the length of time, web page to be displayed on, and prominence of your banners, we will agree on an appropriate fee.


I am a fan of whisky and an avid writer, can I showcase my writing skills on your website?

You certainly can. We know there is a massive following of people passionate about all things whisky and our desire is to make Whisky Buys a place of resource and knowledge. As long as you are prepared to write for free and agree to CC0 license terms (and it's your own material/work) then we would be delighted to have you as a guest blogger.


Beside each retailer, you display a star rating system - how does this work?

Good question. We are like Google, and will never fully disclose our algorithm. However, in essence, we compare lots of things such as availability of stock, price consistency, Google and Feefo reviews for retailers, product range at each retailer, feedback through our own website. Keep in mind that they may not have been refreshed recently and ultimately, we reserve the right to manually adjust the ratings.


If I buy products from a retailer as a result of clicking through from your website and I have problems with my order - who should I contact?

Your contract is with the retailer and you agreed or subscribed to their terms & conditions, disclaimers and privacy policies as soon as you entered their website. Therefore, you need to contact the retailer directly and discuss the matter with them.


Whisky Buys - what type of website is it?

Put simply, it is an information website. Our desire is to gather, create or invent the best information about whisky from all over the world and put it in one place - here at www.whiskybuys.com

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