Laphroaig Distillery Tours

Laphroaig Experience Tour

Enjoy a guided tour through our maltings and distillery. As part of this tour, select up to 3 drams from the bar.

1 Hour 

£10 per person


Laphroaig Peat Experience

Meet at the Laphroaig distillery to get booted up, before heading out to Laphroaig’s peat banks to try your hand at cutting peat. Over 18’s only. Please book in advance.

45 Mins

£15 per person


Laphroaig Maltmans Experience

After a guided mini maltings tour, enjoy a simple and tasty lunch board with selected Laphroaig expressions. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements that we need to consider. Over 18’s only. Please book in advance.

1 Hour 

£30 per person


Laphroaig Distillers' Wares

Enjoy a tour of the distillery from the malting through to maturation stages. In our warehouse sample straight from a selection of casks before using a valinch to bottle your favourite to take home and enjoy. Includes a glass and a 250ml bottle of your selected cask. Over 18’s only.

2 Hours

£70 per person


Laphroaig Water to Whisky Experience

The most extensive whisky experience available, guided by a Laphroaig Host who will share Laphroaig stories and secrets along the way. You will meet at the distillery to put on your wellington boots (provided for the day). This experience includes a distillery tour, a picnic lunch, peat cutting, a visit to the Laphroaig water source and a taste from a selection of casks before using a valinch to bottle your favourite 250ml.

This tour involves some walking over rough and wet terrain, so an intermediate level of fitness is required. Laphroaig will provide footwear, but please bring outer clothing suitable for the weather conditions. From time to time, due to extreme weather, we may be unable to visit the source or the peats – in which case we will substitute these with additional activities on site. The Water to Whisky Experience is strictly limited to seven participants. Over 18’s only. Please book in advance.

4.5 Hours

£100 per person


Laphroaig Behind Closed Doors

Once all the visitors have gone home for the day, experience the home of Laphroaig privately for you and your group. Pick from the Experience tour, Layers of Laphroaig, Distillers’ Wares – or contact us for a bespoke Laphroaig experience. Please note the cost of the additional tour is not included. Over 18’s only. Please book in advance.

£200 per person


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