Finnieston Distillery Company launch whisky-blended cocktails

A Vibrant City

Finnieston represents the very best of Glasgow's entrepreneurial history and future.

The crane of the same name is a symbol of Glasgow's ship-building heritage, whereas the modern Finnieston area, named one of the UK’s “hippest place to live,” is a symbol of Glasgow's vibrant future. 

Finnieston Distillery Company

The founders have a passion for Scotch Whisky and want to represent the inclusivity and innovation synonymous with modern Glasgow. 

Inspired by Ebenezer Connal, a tea importer and shipowner, who founded the original Finnieston Distillery Company in 1824, the team is on a mission to liberate Scotch Whisky for a new generation ready to discover new ways to enjoy it.  

Ebenezer once experimented by infusing flavours such as heather and exotic herbs in his whiskies to create the most unique flavour combinations of his day! 

Fast forward nearly one hundred years and The Finnieston Distillery Company is launching a new range of whisky-blended cocktails, with the aim of becoming a brand for all.

Vibrant Whisky Cocktails 

The Finnieston Distillery Scotch whisky cocktail range includes:

  • Finnieston Fling - Scotch whisky, natural ginger ale, lemon, lime and mint
  • Old Fashioned Green Tea – Scotch whisky and natural green tea
  • Scotch On The Beach – Scotch whisky, natural ginger beer, vanilla and strawberry
  • Shanghai Sour – Scotch whisky, natural lemon and sweet Lapsang honey

Fully approved by the Scotch Whisky Association, the base for the drinks is Finnieston Distillery Company’s own premium blended Scotch whisky, created in partnership with specialist Scotch blenders, Douglas Laing & Co.

The cocktails are designed to appeal to people who aren't traditional whisky drinkers.

James Doig, founder and CEO said: "We’re attempting to overthrow the traditional image, rules and behaviours from those who believe that there is only one way to drink our national beverage. We are offering a fresh perspective on the familiar, as we truly believe that people should be free to drink what they want, how they want and when they want it."

"While the traditional whisky brands lack a sense of adventure, Finnieston Distillery Company thrives on being progressive and innovative.

In such a way, our new cocktails cater to a wide range of tastes and appeal to a variety of consumers."



We unfortunately missed the launch event but hope to catchup with Brand Manager, Eleanor Quigley, to sample and find out how talks with a number of leading supermarkets and retailers are going.

Keep your eyes peeled at shops and bars near you!



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