Glasgow's Whisky Bond

Glasgow's West End Whisky Tour

The second of Once Upon a Whisky's tours is located in Glasgow’s west end, a neighbourhood full of amazing whisky bars with great ambience and personality.

More importantly, it will soon benefit from the opening of The Clydeside Distillery, at the Pump House on the River Clyde, which has historical significance to the Scotch whisky trade - much more to follow on that subject.


The meeting point for the tour is ‘The Ben Nevis Whisky Bar’, a must see in the city. It is a cosy and friendly bar with great offer of whiskies; with about 300 superior bottles of whisky on its gantry and a few hidden gems that you would only find in this place.

It is a great opportunity to enjoy a dram with traditional music, meet locals and learn how they drink their whisky.

The Bon Accord

The second venue is another famous whisky bar in Glasgow: 'The Bon Accord Whisky Bar'. It has been awarded as the best bar in Scotland in 2015. They are home of the Bon Accord Whisky Society, and they also help run Glasgow’s whisky festival, one of the greatest whisky events held by the city.

In this bar you will be able to find more than 400 bottles of whisky, including a 70-year-old Glenlivet. You better have a big wallet in order to buy such a rare single malt!


Next stop is one of the best hidden restaurants in Glasgow. ‘Chinaskis’ is famous for its concept inspired in Charles Bukowski, a well-known American writer from the decade of 60’s and 70’s. For sure, a place to return to learn a bit more about Charles Bukowski’s life and work.

‘Chinaskis’ is the perfect place to enjoy one of the best whisky cocktails ever invented in the 19th century, and pairing it with a starter selection available at the bar. 


The final stop is ‘Dram’, another famous whisky bar in the west end. Here, you will be able to taste the sweet influence from vanilla and caramel in one of the most coveted whiskies from the Speyside region in the Highlands of Scotland.

It has an extensive selection of whiskies, but it is also a vibrant pub, as it is in close proximity to University of Glasgow. Its ambience is kind of hipster, and definitely a good place to stay until late at night listening to good music, and enjoying a few extra drams. 


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Note from Editor:

Oran Mor

Oran Mor on Byres Road is definitely one of the nicest whisky bars in the city, so we would suggest a visit after your tour.





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