Interview with Miss Malt

Q1. When was your blog started?

I launched my blog late last year but I have been running my business, The Rare Malt Whisky Co, for two years now.

Q2. Why did you start the blog?

I started my business after having worked at Glengoyne Distillery for 5 years or so and realising that I was in love with the Scotch Whisky Industry! I launched my blog as I thought it would be fun to build a profile of myself as a female in the whisky world.

Q3. Like a good whisky, has your writing got better/matured with age?

Since I've not been vlogging that long its hard to say! I would say I have learnt more of what people like to watch and have maybe taken more risks in terms of being a bit cheeky haha.

Q4. What is your favourite thing about whisky content?

I would say my favourite thing about recording whisky videos is being able to showcase yourself to people all over the world. On my YouTube channel a lot of my followers are American and I find it completely amazing that someone in New York or California takes an interest in what I have to say!

Q5. What is your favourite whisky destination?

My favourite whisky destination, hands down, is Islay. I visit the island regularly - several times a year and I absolutely love it. Some of the best experiences I have had have been at the distilleries or in the local pubs! Not to mention the whole island is perfect for instagram-worthy pictures!

Q6. What drams are on your bucket list?

Very good question..! The Rare Malt Whisky Company sees some incredible whisky through our doors, for example, I just sent a 1973 18 Year Old Macallan to Germany - I would have loved to try it!

A great whisky I had the chance to try whilst working at Glengoyne was there 40 Year Old release - it was absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately it sold out a long time ago and was also around £4000 a bottle...looks like it was a once in a lifetime taste!

Q7. What would you be doing if you were not writing about whisky?

Hmmm..that's very hard to say! I often say to people that I couldn't imagine what else I'd be doing and that's how I know I've made the right decision! I imagine that if I wasn't involved in whisky I would still at least be working for myself. Just maybe a different alcohol... I'm also partial to a glass of Prosecco!


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