Interview with The Whisky Lady

Millenial Generation

Anne-Sophie Bigot is what marketing people like to refer to as a "millennial", born in 1990 and worshipping the Spice Girls in her early teens.

Her mission is to remove the dusty cliché that whisky is only an old man’s drink. Also working as a freelance​​ ​consultant​ and estimating bottles for whisky auctions, many of her friends say she has the best job in the world. 

1. When was your blog/business founded? 

I founded my blog late 2014 while I was still doing my studies and then created my whisky consultancy business in January 2016, just over a year ago 😊

2. Why did you start the blog/business?

My blog came from a very simple observation: what do you do when you live in the South-West of France and has nobody to share your whisky passion with?

I try to meet other whisky enthusiasts by creating an online platform where you can share your experiences and discoveries.

When I created “The Whisky Lady”, the whole idea behind it was to meet people and talk about whisky as much as I wanted (without annoying my friends). I must admit I am quite nerdy when it comes to social media and can literally spend hours everyday just browsing my Twitter & Facebook feeds, which also helped a lot.

Taking advantage of my digital addiction, the blog quickly attracted more and more visitors until today where I am always surprised to look at my statistics and see that I am breaking records every month.

3. Where does this sudden popularity came from?

To be honest, I don’t know. I can’t even say that I write incredibly cool articles, as English isn’t even my mother tongue (which can be frustrating sometimes) but I guess the whisky blogosphere needed something a bit lighter, less serious, less stuffy and probably much more “lifestyle” than just another technical/geeky platform with 365-reviews/year.

I tend to attach a lot of importance to the stories, the people and the craftmanship behind whisky (& other spirits) – and I think this approach is what makes people come back to the blog.

My current motto is : “more fun, less geekery”

4. Like a good whisky, has your writing got better/matured with age?

I don’t think so, I think I’ve always remained consistent in writing approachable content (helped by the fact again, that I’m French so cannot really write Skakespearian content) aimed at whisky connoisseurs and beginners alike. However, as I grow older, I like to tackle controversial issues on my blog, which I didn’t do at the beginning: women in whisky, whisky for millennials, so-called ‘best whisky in the world” etc.

5. What is your favourite thing about whisky writing?

Interacting with like-minded enthusiasts, meeting inspiring figures, sharing a passion and helping people get into whisky. I am a bit of a whisky guru in crusade and I couldn’t be happier when I convince a new member to join our wonderful malted family 😊

What is your favourite whisky destination?

It’s maybe obvious or cliché, but without doubt, Scotland. I fall in love with whisky while on a Scottish vacation and never looked back 😉  The people, the land, the craftmanship… are unique in Scotland and very diverse at the same time.

6. What dram/s are on your whisky bucket list?

Too many to be listed here trust me… I post a special “whisky wishlist” every month on the blog, so do not hesitate to go have a look at it if you want to know if what whisky mood I am in 😉

What would you be doing if you were not writing about whisky?

That’s a pretty good question… Although I’m not only writing about whisky, I’m also working as a whisky auctioneer for and I’m a freelance consultant for diverse brands and distilleries. However, if I hadn’t discovered the joys of the amber nectar, I would have probably pursued my Chinese studies and be bored somewhere behind a computer in a dehumanized open space!


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